Canadian Poker Casino Review: Casino Regina

Looking for a poker game in the Canadian prairies? Check out Casino Regina.

This article is part of my series 'Poker Culture, Strategy & Commentary'.

Being a serious poker player for the past seven years I've been around the block, playing in games from coast to coast in many of the cardrooms across North America. I really think some of the best rooms are right here in Canada, but so are some of the worst. This series of articles about the Canadian casinos that spread the game of poker. I'll run through some of the pros and cons for each casino and describe the action as accurately as I can.

You might not think of Regina as being a great place to play poker, but believe it or not Casino Regina boasts a large casino, a decent poker room, and steady low-limit action.

How's The Action?

Back in the day this card room spread only limit holdem, with limits typically $10-20 and lower. Lately they've also adopted the cadillac of poker, no-limit holdem. You can find a low stakes game of limit or no-limit holdem almost everyday. The action tends to be bigger on weekends, and it really explodes during tournament time. It's worth making the trip down during their major tournaments.


Well, there's steady action, that's a big pro right off the bat. Also, the place is really well run. When I was down there during the Harvest Classic, I was amazed to see the tournaments go off without a hitch. The pit bosses and dealers are down to earth and seemed to have all the requisite experience and intelect to make your poker experience a good one. Also, they use their beautiful spacious showroom for their major tournaments. This makes things very comfortable.

Something else worth a postive mention is the uniqueness of the casino property itself. It was built right in the old downtown train station, so the location is great. This allows you to stay near to where you're playing and have easy access to all the best shops and restaurants Regina has to offer. The renovations that transformed this large train station into a modern casino were done smartly and tastefully.


The city of Regina is not large enough to support any bigger action. A town of only two hundred thousand people isn't gonna have steady traffic no mater how many people come in during the big tournaments. So if you're looking to make a huge score, you'd best stick to bigger cities. The showroom that doubles as a poker room during their major tournaments may be fantastic, but the regular poker room is just another modest-sized room, with a handful of tables, and a few small games going.

The Verdict

If you enjoy travelling the country and playing poker in new and interesting locations then you should without question make a trip down to Regina to play some poker during their major tournaments. I promise that it's definitely worth checking out at least once so you can judge it for yourself. If you're looking for a bigger stake game or tournament, then make sure to head down during one of the major Canadian Poker Tour events. Day to day, the poker at this casino is just so-so.

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