Runescape Rune Mysteries Quest Dorics Quest and Sheep Shearer Quest Guides

Gaming - Runescape: How to do the Rune Mysteries Quest, Dorics Quest and Sheep Shearer Quest in Runescape

Rune Mysteries Quest -

This quest is ranked novice and is rated as short.

Talk to the Duke of Lumbridge to start the quest; he will tell you to bring it to Sedridor in the basement of the Wizards Tower.

Get to Draynor Village and go south to the tower, and then head down to the basement and talk to the wizard. He will take the Air talisman.

Sedridor will give a Package and tell you to bring it to Aubrey, the rune shop owner in Varrock. Head over there and give him the package. The rune shop is directly South of the Eastern bank in Varrock, and is marked by a small flame icon on the mini-map. Speak to him again after he gets the package, and he will give you Research notes for Sedridor.

Go back to Sedridor, it is fast to use an Amulet of glory, and Explorers ring 3, or walk from Lumbridge. Talk to him once more and give him the Research notes.

*Quest Complete!*

The reward is great for any player, I mean, Runecrafting is a great skill.

Sheep Shearer Quest -

This quest is ranked: Novice and its length is considered: Short (1/5)

The story goes: Fred the farmer wants his sheep sheared and he finds the exact person to do it: You!


Head to Lumbridge and go North, then go East; there will be a chicken farm, talk to Fred who is in the house.

Fred will tell you to gather 20 balls of wool, supposedly from shearing his sheep; but you have a better idea than just shearing, then spinning the wool: buy the spun wool at the Grand Exchange. So . . . head to Varrock, you can walk or teleport, then just buy the wool.

Get back to Lumbridge by walking, teleporting, etcetera. Go over to Fred the farmer, then talk to him.

*Quest Complete!*

Doric's Quest Guide -

Today we will review and walk through the steps of the Non-members quest, very originally called: Doric’s Quest. The quest is very simple and is about running errands for a Dwarven smith named Doric. Let’s get right to it then . . . the steps are:

1. Talk to Doric, he is North of Falador in a small hit with a blue star marking him on the mini-map as a quest starting point. He will give you your errand to run, which will be: get 6 Clay, 4 Copper ores, and 2 Iron Ores.

You may either mine all of these in the nearby Dwarven Mines in the east of Falador, requiring 15 Mining, or buy all the materials on the Grand Exchange.

Once the Materials are obtained just get back to Doric by walking, teleporting, etcetera. Talk to him and you will be satisfied by your work.

*Quest Compete!*


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